A girl who is into alot of things...

Hey there! My name is Ameena Deeni, a girl who is into a lot of things. I love to cook, and I love to discover new things – which ranges from anything really. To put everything into context I’m a food blogger and budding content creator, while being a student (I know – it seems like I do a lot!).


I was born in Scotland. I come from a family where we instil our African culture and Islamic faith while maintaining me and my siblings’ Scottish culture. Our household was never really culturally restricted, but we were of course taught about our “original” West-African heritage. Our family strives to connect with different people from different backgrounds. If you look at my food blog, Ameena Cooks, you might see that there is a little tinge of African inspiration in it and I don’t always intend to do this – it’s something that comes naturally when I’m cooking (it’s funny and interesting at the same time!).

I am a firm believer in unity - which is why I decided to create Ameena Explores. I believe that connecting with people who are different from you is key to making the world a better place. I think it’s all about recognising and celebrating our differences and I really have a strong passion for respecting people from different communities and who they want to be. I started off with We Have Hobbies a mini documentary series where I interviewed 6 different fellow Muslim women about their hobbies.

This documentary does show my passion to learn about people and their experiences. I hope to do this more with Ameena Explores.

Without further ado, don’t hesitate to check out my content!